We hope that you find here the answers to some frequently asked questions we receive.  We have divided these questions related to General Information, Disability Adaptations and New Build Developments.


General Information

 Q: Do you provide a guarantee for the work you carry out?
A: Yes.  We provide a 12 month guarantee on the labour we carry out, from the date of completion.
Q:    Will the use of a ‘green’ building material mean that your prices are higher?
A:    No. In general, our quotations reflect market prices. If, however, our client insists on the use of particular products we can discuss this on an individual basis. 
Q:     Do you consider Health and Safety to be important?
A:     Yes.  We follow all legal requirements and assist you to understand the importance of all Health and Safety related issues associated with your job, or specific needs.
Q: Do you use sub-contractors?
A: We only use sub-contractors for specialized jobs such as electrical works.  We are able to carry out most other works in-house.

Disability Adaptations

Q: Do you carry out all works yourself e.g. electrical, plumbing, flooring, or do you hire sub-contractors?
A: We have our own employees which can carry out most works involved in completing adaptations, except for electrical and gas or other specialized works.  We only sub-contract to qualified personnel whose qualifications are properly checked and approved.
Q: Are you able to organize your work timetable around my medical appointments?
A: We are well accustomed to working with people’s individual needs.  We are more than comfortable to continue working while you attend any appointments, and can be trusted to replace any keys into Key Safes or pop them back through the letter box, if you wish.  Your security is a priority.  
Q: Does the introduction of specialized products mean that the delivery time for them will be longer and does this affect the construction process?
A: No. We make sure that all our materials are ordered well in advance, and we stay in regular contact with our suppliers in order to avoid problems with delivery and consequently the construction process.  


New Build Developments

Q: Do you offer a Design Service?
A: Unfortunately we do not have an in-house Design Service.  We do work with some manufacturers which can provide a Design Service as part of a package, and do have a lot of experience working with Architects, if you wish to use one of your own choice.
Q:   How can you ensure that those materials you use and which are advertised as environmentally friendly, really are?
A:    We only use suppliers who are accredited and/or reputable companies, which specialize in the production of recycled goods, for example.  They must be able to prove their products 'green' credentials.
Q: Where do your sub-contractors come from?
A:  We pride ourselves on using as many local tradesmen and companies as possible.  By supporting our local business community, we can not only solve any problems quickly and efficiently, but we can reduce costs, too, for example delivery costs.

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